Friday, 15 June 2018

"Penguins will melt in the sun"

This week in nursery we enjoyed practice our races ready for sports day! We loved hurdling the most and we were very good at it! We also enjoyed lots of mark making outside this week, we used chalk to draw out our own hop scotch and we impressed miss brown with our fantastic number formation. 

We learned a new story this week called penguin on holiday! We explored where penguins live on the world wide web, we decided it looked very cold! After reading the story penguin wrote us a letter, he wanted us to experience his holiday so left us ice cream in our freezer! We all sat and ate our ice cream together, we were very thankful to penguin. After this penguin also sent us some more places to search on the world wide web. We saw where crab lived in sunny Spain, we looked at our own home in England and we named a few other countries we new. In the garden we thought that penguin looked a bit like a black bird so we decided to build him a home. We used the old grass cuttings to make a lovely cosy nest for him. 

We are excited to learn more of our story next week and make our very own ice cream!! 

Friday, 8 June 2018

Welcome to our beach!!

This week in nursery we have been getting excited about holidays! We decided to change our role play to a beach! We had lots of great ideas, including putting a sand tray in there, having shells and some water! We all helped miss Brown to find the resources and make it our own! 
After this we loved role playing and acting an ice cream shop, so we decided to make our own ice creams to sell. We got very busy on the workshop using paper, pencils and tissue paper to craft our own ice creams with any flavour we liked!!! 

 We also decided that our water needed some fish so we spent some time collaging fish on the workshop to to add to our role play. One day we discovered more dressing up in our shed so asked to put this in the role play to because princesses go to the beach as well! So we added this, even the grown ups joined in being different characters to visit our ice cream shop! 

Friday, 11 May 2018

Outside is the best place to be

This week we spent a lot of time outside at nursery. We enjoyed singing our nursery rhymes in the sun and making up our own jingles in our boat on the way to the sea side! We also discovered lots of mini beasts who were hiding under our mud kitchen chairs. We discussed why they were under there and the different sizes and species we had found. We also spoke about the importance of being gentle and kind to all living things. 

We also enjoyed climbing this week where we discovered how to hand upside down, we even showed Miss Brown how to do it! We had lots of fun exploring the sun and what it could do, first we explored shadows where we traced around different animals shadows! Next we poured water onto the ground and drew around it, after a few minutes of playing we returned to find out it was gone! This sparked lots of questions and predictions about what had happened to our water! 

Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Inspired by Matisse!

During our Talk4Writing unit of Sleepy Bumblebee we used the artwork of Matisse 'The Snail' as inspiration. We discovered that Matisse sometimes created paper collages which he called 'painting with scissors'. We looked very closely at the artwork and attempted to create a replica...

We then had a go at creating a version in the same style but of a bee instead of a snail. Finally we created our own version of whichever minibeast we wanted...

Our creations are on display in our book corner if you would like to come and have a look!

Saturday, 5 May 2018

What is a baby frog called?

This week in nursery one of us put a picture on tapestry of herself holding a bearded dragon! We all had a look together and spoke about our thoughts. Some of us said it looked like a spiky frog! This lead us onto the topic of what is a baby frog called? We searched on the world wide web together and found out that they were called tadpoles. Luckily reception had real life tadpoles next door so we went over to explore!! We asked lots of questions such as, "how do they swim?" and "where are their legs?" Some of us noticed that they don't really look like frogs at all! 

 After this we were so excited by what we had discovered we couldn't wait to get it recorded in our jotters. Some us drew the tadpoles, some of us drew the bearded dragon and some of us wrote stories all about this experience! After this we watched the life cycle of a frog and by the end of the day we were all frog experts! 
 We also had lots of fun this week exploring loose parts and creating our own faces and designs. When one of us discovered that the circles fitted onto the sticks we had we all just had to try it out for ourselves! We made ice lollies, drinks, light bulbs and lots more. This created lots of opportunity for talking to our friends and teachers. 
We found our parachute in the shed! So we decided to take it out onto the big play ground and play lots of games with it, we made a giant mushroom! Played the swap names game and the Mexican wave! 

Friday, 27 April 2018

The magic of innovation

This week in nursery we have been innovating our sleepy bumblebee stories to make them our own! We have had lots of creative ideas! We have told them to our friends in our story telling house outside in the garden, we have drawn and wrote out our own story maps and we have performed them in character on our stage and puppet theater. All of our opportunities throughout the week helped us to further innovate and explore our story further! 

On Thursday it was really windy, we found a piece of cellophane and discovered it flew in the wind! We then located more so all of our friends could join in. We had hours of fun watching our pieces fly up and down and trying to catch them! our caretaker also kindly offered to help us build some new fences for our role play. He came over with a drill and a hammer, we were fascinated!! He let us have a go and we were so proud of our accomplishment!  

We had lots of fun performing our weekly nursery rhyme, this was one of Miss Browns favourtie rhymes we've learned so far!

Friday, 20 April 2018

The sleepy bumble bee!

We have been so so busy in our first week back at nursery! On Monday we went for a learning walk, before the holidays we met Bill the crazy bee keeper who introduced us to our new T4W story 'the sleepy bumble bee' We had remembered this after our long two weeks off! We went on a hunt around our school for the different places our bumble bee was trying to sleep in our story. We found a hive, daffodils, a pond and a tall willow tree! When we arrived at the willow tree we discovered a pit of honey!! It was from Bill! He ad promised us some honey from the bees he looks after. We were super excited and rushed back to nursery to try some on a cracker! We loved it so much we asked for more!!  

 We have been so engaged in lots of bee related learning this week we just couldn't wait to discover more! We have created our own bees and made a hive for them to nest in. We also created out own representations of bees using clay and lots of loose parts. Miss Brown loved how they were all so different and unique! We mixed honey with cornflakes to make yummy cakes and we counted out bees to match quantity to the correct numeral on a flower!  

 After all this explore we were really keen to record our stories onto paper and in our jotter. Some of us sat for ages designing our own story maps of the sleepy bumble bee.

This week we also became gymnasts and risk takers. We showed off our gymnastic skills in the classroom bringing in a gym mat from the big hall and practicing forward rolls and cartwheels. We then took this outside where we used it as a crash mat for a soft landing sliding down the slope!
I can't wait to innovate our story next week and see what different characters we come up with!