Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Forest School Session 2

Today we had lots of ideas about what we want to do at Forest School. Ethan suggested that we create potions and Freddie asked for more rope to help build dens. We went to the school garden and gathered herbs and flowers and then added them to the fire pit to create a big potion. We thought that it could be a birthday cake for David!
Lots of the children used the den building resources to create shelters and to 'fix' the trees too.
The children love using the ipad to record their time at Forest School so most of the photos that you see have been taken by the children!


Friday, 15 September 2017

We love the outdoors!

This week in nursery we explored our brand new outdoor equipment!!! We have musical chimes, a super cool obstacle course, a new water wall and drums! We loved exploring the different sounds we could make, the different ways we could climb and move on the obstacle course and questioning and exploring where the water was coming from and how!?

We also welcomed our new friends into their full time hours this week, they did so brilliantly settling into nursery and joining in with our routines!

We had also noticed something extra special about our new arch way in the garden, when the sun comes out it reflects colours onto our grass! We were amazed and told Miss brown lots of clever ideas about why this was happening, lots of us connected it to the sun which impressed Miss brown very much!!

Next week we can explore it all again and discover lots more!!

Thursday, 14 September 2017

Minutes 14th September 2017

Today we took our second step towards achieving an eco-schools award. We completed an Environmental Review of the school. Please read through this in your class council meetings and discuss which area we need to improve on and what we could do to make a difference. Please write your answers in the comments. The School Council will decide and draw up and action plan next week.


Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Our first session at Forest School

We had a fabulous time at our Forest School today. We played a fire circle game and '1,2,3 where are you?' before exploring the site and resources. Some of the children made 'potions' so we shall have a go at making our own 'smelly cocktails'!


Sunday, 10 September 2017

Our first week in nursery!

It was our first week back to nursery this week and we have had so much fun! We met lots of new friends who came in with their grown ups for stay and plays! We showed Miss brown how amazing we all are by settling back into our nursery routines so well!

We learned lots this week, we used our strong hands to mould play dough shapes, we explored different coloured paints and what colours we could make we even made our own paints mixing powder and water together. We also had a think about our role play area and what we wanted it to be next week, we all put our super thinking hats together and decided we wanted a house! We worked hard making signs and creating role play into a house on Friday afternoon!

I can't wait for another brilliant week of learning  next week!

Friday, 8 September 2017

School Council minutes 8th September 2017

The school council met and began to get to know one another!
What a smart group!
We discussed working towards the Eco-Schools bronze award and our next Changemaker award.
We discussed how our school council meetings will run. We will upload minutes to this blog outlining our discussions and ending with questions for the rest of the school. Then in the class council meeting the school councillors will use the blog post minutes to share what we discussed. The answers that the rest of the class come up with will be written in the comments. This will form the basis for the next school council meeting.
We had a brief chat about ideas for events and fundraising.
Sebastian thought of a sponsored walk or laying change along a chalked out picture or word to raise money. Abdullah thought we could ask people to put money in buckets. We thought that we would like to help the local community and that we could try and help people who are isolated or lonely by inviting them into school or visiting them and singing songs to cheer them up.
What events would you like to see happen this year at Eastfield Academy?
Are you inspired to help us achieve our eco-schools award and Changemaker award?
Write your ideas in the comments below

Sunday, 23 July 2017

What a year!!


Wow what a year! It has flown by but we have had so much fun! Thank you everyone for making my first year as a teacher absolutely amazing! It has been a wonderful year full of excitement and joy. I am super excited to have another amazing year next year and I am looking forward to you all shining and showing me your great achievements in reception next door!

We have jumped in muddy puddles until we were soaking wet! We have climbed and invented, we have loved singing and dancing, we have hammered and threaded, we have painted and  created, we have wrote stories and read stories, we have walked and discovered, we have explored and constructed. But most of all we have had fun and learned so much together!!

Have a wonderful summer and I will see you all looking super smart in your uniform in September!!