Sunday, 23 July 2017

What a year!!


Wow what a year! It has flown by but we have had so much fun! Thank you everyone for making my first year as a teacher absolutely amazing! It has been a wonderful year full of excitement and joy. I am super excited to have another amazing year next year and I am looking forward to you all shining and showing me your great achievements in reception next door!

We have jumped in muddy puddles until we were soaking wet! We have climbed and invented, we have loved singing and dancing, we have hammered and threaded, we have painted and  created, we have wrote stories and read stories, we have walked and discovered, we have explored and constructed. But most of all we have had fun and learned so much together!!

Have a wonderful summer and I will see you all looking super smart in your uniform in September!!

Saturday, 15 July 2017

Nursery class 2016/17

This week in nursery we were graduating!! We were so excited to wear our hats and celebrate all of our hard work this year! Our grown ups and teachers were so proud of us. We especially loved throwing our hats high in the sky and drinking from the fancy glasses we toasted with!

Miss Brown has enjoyed teaching us so much this year and is so so proud of all of us for all of our amazing kindness and confidence and of course all of our hard work! We will all continue to shine and love learning as we move up to though the school.

Friday, 7 July 2017

Exploring, engaging and explaining

This week in nursery we have enjoyed the outdoors in this hot weather! We have used our super strong muscles to turn on our outside tap, we decided to fill our pool up and found some ducks from our water area to take a swim in it. We also found some balloons and had great fun filling them up with water and feeling the difference. Some of us spoke about the difference in the weight of a blown up balloon and a balloon filled with water, we decided the water balloon was much much heavier!

We have also enjoyed our maths area and maths jotters this week some of us did some super exploring in the maths area counting out different animals such as spotty dogs and monkeys! We decided to record our workings in lots of different ways, some of us chose our books and some of us came up with a creative strip of paper to use! We followed our maths learning onto our interactive whiteboard drawing game. We wrote out some numbers and coloured them in!

We had lots and lots of fun exploring the foam this week as well, we were learning about different textures and what happens when we mix different things together such as coloured paint and shaving foam. We got it everywhere but it was very fun to clean up too some of us said it vanished when we touched it!

We have also been preparing for our whole school play which is next week, we've learned our story map and we have started to learn our actions. We hope lots of our grown ups are able to come and watch!

Friday, 30 June 2017

"It's so squishy"

This week at nursery we explored lots of different things! We had decided to create a beach in our role play and thought that it needed some special sand! We made moon sand! It was soooo gooey at first when we mixed the oil with the flour but once we used our super strength to mould the mixture it turned into soft mouldable sand! We loved talking about the texture to our friends and using cups to mould shapes out of it.

Because we loved creating moon sand and feeling its texture, the next day we explored shaving foam. This had a very different texture to our moon sand and we enjoyed discussing this. We have also been very busy painting some twigs that we found in our garden, we have decided to hang them up outside so that everyone can admire them.

We have been preparing for sports day, practicing our running, hurdling, bean bag balancing and even running in grown ups wellies! Miss brown, George and Jodie found this so so funny and so did we! Even though some of the races got a bit tricky we didn't give up we kept on trying until we reached the end! We can't wait to show all of our grown ups how brilliant we are in our real sports day!

Friday, 17 March 2017

Independent writers

This week in nursery we've been super writers! We have made our marks in lots of different places. We especially enjoy writing on the carpet with big pieces of paper some of us made up stories and some of us drew our favourite animals. Some of us were really clever and attempted to write our own names! We got our wrists ready for writing by practising our cutting skills on the finger gym table, we cut out different shapes and named them! We also built our wrist muscles up by threading great necklaces!

This week we also really liked being outside, the sun came up and we spoke about it making us warm, it was so warm we decided we didn't need our coats one day! We also loved exploring the mud kitchen practising our cooking skills. We decided to leave some porridge out for the animals who come out in the dark! It was gone the next day! I wonder who ate it?

This week was also a sad week as It was Miss browns last full week with us until the end of June! Miss Brown is sad to leave but also very excited as she gets to have a whole new teaching experience with the older children in year 2! And of course she is coming back!!

Friday, 10 March 2017

Super learners!

This week in nursery we had loads of fun exploring lots of different learning! We used our super good finger skills to thread different sized beads onto our chosen pipe cleaners. We made lots of these decorations for our new tree in nursery! By the end of the week we even decorated our own mini trees! We also explored the hungry caterpillar story sack and used our clever maths skills to count out the different foods! Some of us explored different containers in the water tray pouring and filling them. Some of us even became the teacher this week! We were very good at reading stories and delivering music lessons to the group!

We also had a really yummy snack this week, we concentrated hard to cut and butter our own tea cakes! We were very good at knowing where everything is and using our own knowledge and skills to be independent, we remembered our manners asking politely to pass the butter and the plates.

It was also Dawns birthday this week! She was extra kind and brought us in all some yummy chocolate cake! We were all so thankful! We sang happy birthday and had a little party to celebrate! We also had a visit from some students from the university of Northampton, we were very welcoming and loved showing them around and having them in our nursery!

Friday, 3 March 2017

Our favourite books

This week in nursery we've had lots of fun! It was world book day!! We all dressed up as our favourite book characters, we spoke about all of our favourite books and interviewed the different characters, we found out their favourite colours, what book they're from and if they had any special powers!

We also had lots of fun outside this week we loved mark making with chalk on the pavement we drew our families and dinosaurs and even volcanos! After this we thought there was a volcano somewhere in the garden so we made some treasure maps and hunted around the garden to see if we could find it. We found a magical turtle! We decided he came from the roof where we thought the volcano was hiding! Whilst we were on our hunt a big jumbo jet kept flying over our nursery, we all tried to figure out where it was going. Most of us thought it was going to the beach! It circled our nursery for ages! So we got some chairs and made an audience!