Friday, 9 February 2018

Story innovators

This week in nursery we enjoyed using our amazing scissor skills by cutting up our play doh! We decided that we didn't have enough play-doh to create the things we wanted so we went on a hunt for the ingredients we needed! We used the ipad to search for a good recipe and then found flour, salt, water and food colouring! We took it in turned to add the right measures and then mixed it all together! We were so happy with what we made! 

We also enjoyed painting cling film this week we used different colours and explored the different texture of painting on cling film compared to paper. we decided that cling film was a bit stickier!

We also spent a lot of time in the book corner this week independently where we shared books with friends and invented our own stories and rhymes. We very much enjoyed innovating little miss Muffet! 

Have a lovely half term, I can't wait to see what other stories you make up over the holidays! 

Saturday, 3 February 2018

We direct our own learning!

This week in nursery we have been really busy outside. We created obstacle courses and gave our friends instructions on how to complete them. We found new ways to climb on our climbing frame. We used chalks to mark make on the ground together. We found new uses for tyres! Including rolling, jumping on, building with and securing things down with them! We used our tweezers to collect gems and beans from the soil and counted them out into pots. before cooking them into mud pies!

We also decided to create a stage outside where we can tell out stories, sing songs and dance! We loved being involved in the creating process and enjoyed performing even more! We are brilliant at telling our jack and the beanstalk story and are experts with our story language so we loved the opportunity to show this off more!

We have had tonnes of fun at nursery this week following our own interests and directing our own learning! We are becoming fantastic independent learners with a huge love for learning and growing confidence! 

Friday, 2 February 2018

minutes 2nd febuary friday 2018

In the this school council meeting we have written to Kath Middleditch about are world book day and our book vouchers what we will give to each child for them to spend. The remainder books will be sold at the end of the day, and that money we will raise will go to book aid international. We shall send out a letter shortly.
We also discussed plans for our outdoor theatre which will be in the 'old secret garden'. The school councilors have created a box full of props ready for when it is spring and it is no longer muddy in there. (W e wouldn't want the props to get ruined!)
Written by Saud Year 6

Friday, 26 January 2018

Our story adventure with Jack and the Beanstalk!

We received a letter from Rapunzel saying that she had spotted a bag with some magical things inside. So we followed her strands of hair whilst comparing the different lengths.
After the weekend the magic bean had grown into a massive beanstalk! It was taller than the ceiling!
We had lots of learning opportunities around castles, beans and giants!

We chose to have a 'fairy tale ball' for our 50 marble treat! We dressed up as a character from a traditional tale.
The Queen of hearts baked us a special treat after our dancing and fun! Yum!
Can your child recall the story of Jack and the Beanstalk?
Don't forget to complete your number bean challenge over on your child's learning journey! We cannot wait to see all of their number bonds.

Jack and the Beanstalk!

This week in nursery we were reading Jack and the Beanstalk! On Monday we found some magic beans and spoke about where they came from. Some of us thought they were from the fairy who lives in our nursery and some of us thought they had been delivered by magic max (our nursery mascot). Once we read the story it made sense they had come from a mysterious man! We liked this word and spoke about what it meant. We then decided to plant our magic beans outside in the garden to see what would happen! 

The next day a gigantic beanstalk had grown in our garden! We spent most of the morning acting out the story and taking it in turns to be the giant! 

It rained loads on Wednesday morning! We couldn't wait to get out there and experiment in the puddles. We added soap and had lots of discussions about what would happen next! This inspired us to do some writing in our jotters where we drew pictures of the rain and wrote about our predictions. 
We also explored lots of different beans this week, we used runner beans to measure and enjoyed ordering them in smallest to tallest. We also enjoyed counting them out into different bowels between us using our fine motor skills. 

School Council minutes 26th January 2018

The children voted for an outdoor day 'empty classroom' on 17th May all day. All of the classrooms will be empty on that day as the children will do all of their learning outside. We cannot wait!

Plans for World Book Day- the children agreed that we should do more than just dress-up we should do activities so that we actually read and listen to stories.  We are going to check that we can do this on 1st March.

All of the adults read a story and the children choose which one to go to.

Story invention- boxes full of props for characters, settings etc

Maybe the teachers could make up a story in front of the children in an assembly in the morning.

After lunch the children will show a play to the other

Book sale- bring in old (that are still in good condition) books and they will be on the table and we will sell them for 10p raise money for Book Aid International.

Story picnic??

Write letters to Mrs Martini's sisters school in the Gambia- telling them about ourselves, our school and our daily lives.

Some children are concerned about the lack of car parking.

Friday, 19 January 2018

We are performers!

This week in nursery we welcomed some more new children! We got them straight down to business with a new mission to build a stage indoors! We decided that we needed somewhere to perform our songs, dances and stories. We gathered a team together and used lots of blocks from outside to create a stage! One of us then suggested we needed chairs for our audience! We took it in turns to perform our songs, dances and stories, we were great performers and showed how confident we all are in our environment! 

 We also discovered a large dressing up box in our shed this week. We took it into our classroom and explored it further. We discovered loads of different outfits and had hours of fun dressing up and acting as these characters. We then extended this to use our new stage. 

We were very engaged in a story we read this week called 'the three little pigs' We learnt the story off by heart with great expression. some of us acted this out in the garden using our Wendy house as the little pigs houses. We huffed and we puffed until the house came tumbling down! On Friday afternoon we discovered some magic beans hidden in our nursery, i wonder what learning they will lead onto next week...