Saturday, 17 December 2016

Super stars

This week in nursery we've learned lots more about Christmas, we had our nativity show for the whole school and for our grown ups! We did brilliantly! We've also created our own unique Christmas cards to take home for our families.

We also went over to reception to share our Christmas party! We played lots of fun games such as musical bumps and pass the parcel we were very careful in pass the parcel making sure we only tore open one layer! We shared lots of food and showed our great manners. Someone special also came to visit us! Father Christmas was very busy so Mrs Claus and her elves came she gave us all a present! We were so excited.

Saturday, 10 December 2016

Christmas fun

This week in nursery we have been learning all about Christmas. We weaved Christmas trees, we wrapped presents for our friends, we wrote letters, we stacked snowmen and made snowmen, we played Christmas tree bingo and loads more!

We also had a craft morning this week where our grown ups came and helped us create special crafts! We had soo much fun! We have also been practising for our nativity this week, we're such brilliant dancers and we can't wait to show off all of our moves on Wednesday when our grown ups come to watch!

Friday, 2 December 2016

"Dinosaurs have big feet"

This week in nursery we were learning all about dinosaurs! Our favourite experiment was when we froze our dinosaurs outside and got to hammer them back out again, it was so much fun! We were also curious about how big dinosaurs feet are, we made a huge foot print using our tape and printed our footprints inside to see how many of our feet we could fit inside!

We loved using our hammer shapes to make different patterns. We also loved building this week and made a humongous castle! This week we also learned a brand new story called journey and went on our own journey all around school. It was an extra special book as it had no pictures! We created our very own story to go along with the pictures, a book that no one else has ever read!

We've also loved practising for our nativity and we are doing sooo brilliantly remembering all of our songs! We also had a great time decorating our Christmas tree, were also having a Christmas craft morning/afternoon next Friday the 9th all parents are invited to come along and get creative! Reception parents also! I look forward to seeing you all then!

Saturday, 26 November 2016

We come from all around the world!

This week at nursery we were learning about all around the world! Last week we all loved talking to our friends about where we come from and what languages we speak. This week we decided to learn a bit more about different countries, we explored different foods our favourite was the popadoms! We looked at our globe and guessed where we thought we were, we experimented with different arts. We had a good try at aboriginal where we used lots of dots, we made beautiful necklaces and even our own versions of the Eiffel Tower!

We made lots of hand prints to create our own friendship tree this was one of our favourite arts! We read Handas surprise it was a lovely book all about different fruits, the fruits got pinched by the cheeky animals along Handas trip we found this very funny.

It was also George's birthday this week! We had a big party for her with reception as well she was very kind and brought us all some special treats!

Next week we have decided we would like to learn more about dinosaurs!

Saturday, 19 November 2016

Run run as fast as you can!

This week in nursery we have been learning all about the gingerbread man! We went on a gingerbread man hunt around nursery and discovered 2 gingerbread men! We made our very own gingerbread men, luckily they didn't escape from the oven so we got to enjoy them at our Pudsey pyjama party.

This week we were also discussing our different cultures we enjoyed telling our friends what different languages we can speak so next week we decided to learn all about all around the world!

Saturday, 12 November 2016

"Wow look at all the leaves"

This week in nursery we had lots of fun! We especially loved making inventions on the workshop we used lots of different coloured tape to make colourful bottles and boxes showing Miss Brown our great cutting skills! We also had a birthday tea party with reception for one of our nursery friends 4th birthday, she was ever so kind and brought us all cakes! We sang happy birthday and played some games!

We saw the caretaker sweeping up leaves on the playground and we thought it looked like fun! So we decided to be extra kind children and chose some tools (lots of brushes and dustpans) and went to help! We were so good at it I think we even had more muscles than our caretaker!

This week we've been enjoying reading about fairy tales in our book corner and discussing our favourite characters so next week we decided to learn all about the ginger bread man. However the ginger bread man is no where to be seen in nursery so on Monday it's time for a ginger bread man hunt! I wonder what clues he has left us!?

Saturday, 5 November 2016

Fireworks go bang!

This week in nursery we were learning all about bonfires and fireworks! We made our very own sparklers and got to bring them to our own bonfire that we made in the garden! We watched some videos of fireworks that we found on the World Wide Web we spotted lots of different colours and decided that they make a loud banging noise.
We also enjoyed rolling conkers down the pipe in our small world it made us laugh a lot! Especially when they fell out of the bottom! We loved exploring the outdoors a lot this week Miss Brown even helped us to set up our very own water wall! We chose where we would like the pipes and funnels to go and Miss Brown attached them to our fence! We couldn't wait to share it with reception.

Because we enjoyed the water wall sooo much we decided we would like to learn more about water next week!

Saturday, 22 October 2016

"Let's call her Mrs scarecrow"

This week in nursery we learned more about harvesting! We decided we would like to learn about scarecrows, we read lots of stories all about scarecrows we especially enjoyed the scarecrows wedding! We even decided to make our very own scarecrow in nursery to keep the crows away from our vegetables we were selling In our farm shop!

We really enjoyed using our jotters this week we were inspired by our little red hen story map which kept popping up around our nursery!

We also enjoyed painting our own pumpkins, and even washing them! We loved mixing different colours and explored how to make pink and violet with our paints, we had lots of pretty pumpkins!

We did brilliantly in our harvest festival performance showing all of our grown ups the little red hen story we had worked so hard learning, Miss Brown, George, Dawn and Natalie were all soooo proud of us all!

I have loved learning and exploring with you all this term, I hope you have a lovely week and I'll look forward to next term! :)

Saturday, 15 October 2016

The little red hen

This week in nursery we've been learning all about harvesting! We have done amazingly learning our Little red hen story ready for the harvest festival, we even decided to create a giant red hen to bring with us when we perform! We also had lots of fun this week creating our new book corner, Miss Brown added some story spoons to our shelves on Monday night and we loved them! We decided to create our own and add them to our book bus, we had a lot of fun re telling our favourite stories with them!

We also found a brilliant new book to read this week called we're going on a leaf hunt, we were so inspired by the book that we decided to go on our very our leaf hunt, we even had a surprise when we discovered lots of conkers as well as leaves!

We did lots of things that the little red hen told us she did in her story. We planted some corn, we watered the corn, we ground the corn and we even made bread! We were busy with pumpkins this week too! On Monday we used hammers and hammered golf tees into them we were very good at controlling our hammers. On Tuesday we explored what was inside of our pumpkins! Wednesday we decided to use the tweezers and pick all of the seeds out! By Thursday we were ready to draw our own faces onto the pumpkins!

Friday, 7 October 2016

"A real baby!?"

This week in nursery we were learning all about babies! We discovered some really interesting things and even got to meet a real life baby! Mrs underwood came to visit us with baby Bryn, we all thought he was sooooooo cute and he really inspired us to look after our babies in the nursery.

We were also really inspired to write this week, somebody magicked our names in the writing area! When we found out we couldn't wait to find our own names and see if we could copy them!

Next week we have decided we want to learn more about harvesting! This week Miss Brown told us a story she knew about a little red hen! We found it very catchy and have nearly learnt it all already! We even helped Miss Brown create our very own story map, we thought long and hard about the pictures we could use to remind ourselves how the story goes! Next week we will discover more about the little red hen and re tell our own versions!

Saturday, 1 October 2016

Mad scientists!

This week in nursery we were learning all about science! We had lots of fun pretending to be mad scientists and experimented with lots of different materials. We coloured celery, found out how to create bubbles and ice. We also created a story map for our instructions on how to make ice, some of us even tried this at home!

We were so proud of our experiments!

We even had reception over in our garden to join in the fun! They were so helpful helping us dig for worms for our wormery! This week we have decided we want to learn more about babies..... I wonder if we'll have a special visitor?

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Magic in Nursery!

Last week in nursery magic max had turned our nursery into a magic castle! We found a story bag when we came in on Monday, but there was only a frog inside! We then discovered a letter, it was from magic max! Throughout the week we learned a lot about potions and experimented with different textures and materials to try and come up with a magical potion to turn magic max back into a boy. Eventually one of our potions worked with a little help from our brilliant writing to magic max and we found him! He was hiding in our school! After all of our fun experimenting this week we decided we wanted to learn all about science! We've been having lots of fun mixing and creating different things. Keep looking for this weeks science photos! 

Saturday, 17 September 2016

Mini beasts and muddy puddles!

This week at nursery we were learning all about mini beasts! We went on bug hunts and found lots of different mini beasts we made sure we were extra careful when we held them! When we got back to nursery some of you wanted to create your own bug home so we used our scissor skills to cut some grass and our hedge to make lots of soft padding for our mini beasts! At the end of our very busy week of learning we all went to an ugly bug ball! We made special bug hats to wear to our ball and marched around our nursery, it was so much fun! We also explored some puddles outside on a very rainy Friday, we explored how we could change the colour of the puddles by adding paint and we also made some bubbly puddles with washing up liquid!

Next week you decided you wanted to learn about magic and music! I think Magic Max who lives in our nursery cupboard has come out to work some magic on our nursery see if you can spot him on Monday!

Saturday, 10 September 2016

Our First Week in Nursery!

We have had a great first week in nursery! We learnt about all of our new friends and showed them around our nursery, we got to paint pictures of ourselves thinking about where our eyes are and what colour hair we have! We experimented with flour and water and made our own play dough we even changed the colour! At the end of the week we learnt all about our school logo and went on a school logo hunt around our school and found 13 logos! We also discovered that lots of bugs live in our nursery garden and decided that we would like to learn more about bugs next week. On Friday night our nursery was taken over by bugs it looks like it's going to be a week full of insects and learning lots of interesting facts!

Thursday, 21 July 2016

Graduation Afternoon 2016

On a very hot afternoon we celebrated the afternoon children who are graduating nursery and getting ready for the next step in their learning journey!
We wish them all the best and look forward to hearing about their future successes and accomplishments!

Graduation Morning 2016

We had a very memorable morning wishing our graduating children all the very best as they move to
Reception! You are all superstars!

Sports Afternoon 2016

Sunday, 26 June 2016

Pizza Sharing Talk4Writing

This week the children have requested that we learn about pizza! We decided that this was a great opportunity to explore Italy and sharing. We have a mathematics focus for our talk4writing text this week.

Give me half!

"I have one whole pizza…and it's all for me!" said Brother Ben.

"I'm going to get some pizza- just you wait and see." replied sister Bella.

"I know you want some pizza, sis. You only get one slice."

"You'd better give me more than that. I'll tell mum you're not being nice!"

"You have to share the pizza. It must be split in two. The pieces should be cut the same for each of you" Said mum.

1 half pizza and 1 half pizza makes 1 whole pizza.

½ + ½ = 1

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Oh we do like to be beside the seaside!

This week we are learning about going on holiday. We have turned nursery into the seaside!

Saturday, 11 June 2016

Penguin on Holiday Talk4Writing text

Whilst learning about our local community lots of the children have been talking about their holidays! Lewis and Mia told us about their visit to Ipswich and  Caleb talked about his upcoming holiday to Blackpool Pleasure Beach. Also on our walk around Eastfield we saw Rose's campervan which the children were very excited to talk about! Lots of the children said that they would choose to go to the beach in the campervan.

So next week we shall turn Nursery into our very own seaside experience, complete with sand, buckets and an ice- cream parlour! We shall also learn the text 'Penguin on Holiday' as part of our talk4writing. Mrs Underwood created an 'animated' version of the book which you can find here.
We shall send home the text map on Monday but here is the story...

Penguin on Holiday

"I need a holiday" Penguin sighed. He wanted to go somewhere different. "That's it! I'll go to the beach!" said Penguin. Penguin packed his bag and headed north. The waves swelled bigger and bigger. The sun shone hotter and hotter. Finally, Penguin reached the beach. It wasn't what Penguin expected. The beach was nothing like his icy home. "Are you lost?" asked Crab. "No I'm on holiday" said Penguin. "Then come with me!" said Crab. Crab showed penguin how to have fun on the beach. Penguin and crab played and ate ice-creams. Penguin loved his new friend. But all holidays come to an end. It was time for Penguin to go home. The journey was long and quiet, but suddenly, something moved in the water. "Crab? What are you doing here?" "I need a holiday too!" said Crab.

Friday, 10 June 2016

Mindfulness at the snack table

Today we learnt how eat our snack 'mindfully'. This means we focus our thoughts just on to what we are eating and we think and talk about the snack using all of our senses. This is very good practice for everyone and helps us to enjoy a healthy and thoughtful lifestyle.
Try eating one meal a day together as a family 'mindfully'. We would love to hear how you get on!

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Out and about in our local community

We walked around our local community today and we spotted lots of things! This is a great opportunity to develop language, number recognition and the beginning of reading where we are noticing print in the environment. What can your child tell you about what we saw? What numbers and words can your child spot when you are walking, on the bus or driving around?

Monday, 6 June 2016

A visit from the fire engine!

This week we are learning about our locality. Our local fire service payed us a visit and we found out more about what they do to take care of our local community. We also gave the vegetable patch a good water at the same time!

Beanstalk climbing!

And even Nessa had a turn!

We pretended to be like Jack from Jack and the beanstalk and we sneaked over to the hall to climb the 'beanstalk'!