Tuesday, 26 April 2016

School Council Minutes 20th April

We read through the comments left by the classes and were pleased that year 3 have left a comment. Emilia Hammond is our new year 6 school council replacement. Welcome to Emilia!

We will be able to go on the field soon but we can't go on it right now because it's still too muddy .

Lots of people have been requesting clubs but we need more staff to run them so if any of your parents want to run a club please mention it to Mrs Hamilton.

The school council would like to know what you want the PTA to do with the secret garden only scensible ideas .

The school council did not agree with the idea year 1 requests about sitting in age order.

No tennis balls .

Your NOT allowed to bring in your own equipment anymore. Mrs Underwood will email all of the teachers so that they know.

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