Wednesday, 25 May 2016

School council

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A lady is coming round to the school on the 13th of June to see how inclusive the school is
In this council meeting we also spoke about the governors and their role in the school.
We discussed some of the questions that our classmates had asked but they were not very helpful to be honest.
By Ijah and Emily

Thursday, 19 May 2016

A rather lovely fairy tea party!

At last the day had arrived for our fairy tea party! We had been excitedly making preparations ever since we received our invitation. We prepared cheesy pastry 'snails' and sparkly sprinkled biscuits to take with us under the willows. We each made our own fairy to take to the party too. We had a lovely surprise as we neared the willow tree... There were two ducks waiting for us and they showed us which way to go! 

What can your child tell you about the tea party?
Which part did they enjoy the best?
Tomorrow we shall write thank you letters to Daisy Flower for the lovely time!

Minutes 18th May 2016

We are completing the Ruby award in the meeting. We have to complete an application form showing what we have done so far. We will be sending this form to the university. Each class has been doing a project on an animal because we are focused on life on land. We have raised awareness for one of the local animals by learning about them in class. Every class has had a display of the animals. 

There may be a newsletter written by children. 
If you miss your turn in the Muga due to trips, wet breaks and just general you can NOT get an extra turn in the Muga.
There won't be any more clubs unless you can get an adult willing to run one.
                                                                                               By Guled 😄🍒