Saturday, 11 June 2016

Penguin on Holiday Talk4Writing text

Whilst learning about our local community lots of the children have been talking about their holidays! Lewis and Mia told us about their visit to Ipswich and  Caleb talked about his upcoming holiday to Blackpool Pleasure Beach. Also on our walk around Eastfield we saw Rose's campervan which the children were very excited to talk about! Lots of the children said that they would choose to go to the beach in the campervan.

So next week we shall turn Nursery into our very own seaside experience, complete with sand, buckets and an ice- cream parlour! We shall also learn the text 'Penguin on Holiday' as part of our talk4writing. Mrs Underwood created an 'animated' version of the book which you can find here.
We shall send home the text map on Monday but here is the story...

Penguin on Holiday

"I need a holiday" Penguin sighed. He wanted to go somewhere different. "That's it! I'll go to the beach!" said Penguin. Penguin packed his bag and headed north. The waves swelled bigger and bigger. The sun shone hotter and hotter. Finally, Penguin reached the beach. It wasn't what Penguin expected. The beach was nothing like his icy home. "Are you lost?" asked Crab. "No I'm on holiday" said Penguin. "Then come with me!" said Crab. Crab showed penguin how to have fun on the beach. Penguin and crab played and ate ice-creams. Penguin loved his new friend. But all holidays come to an end. It was time for Penguin to go home. The journey was long and quiet, but suddenly, something moved in the water. "Crab? What are you doing here?" "I need a holiday too!" said Crab.

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