Saturday, 17 September 2016

Mini beasts and muddy puddles!

This week at nursery we were learning all about mini beasts! We went on bug hunts and found lots of different mini beasts we made sure we were extra careful when we held them! When we got back to nursery some of you wanted to create your own bug home so we used our scissor skills to cut some grass and our hedge to make lots of soft padding for our mini beasts! At the end of our very busy week of learning we all went to an ugly bug ball! We made special bug hats to wear to our ball and marched around our nursery, it was so much fun! We also explored some puddles outside on a very rainy Friday, we explored how we could change the colour of the puddles by adding paint and we also made some bubbly puddles with washing up liquid!

Next week you decided you wanted to learn about magic and music! I think Magic Max who lives in our nursery cupboard has come out to work some magic on our nursery see if you can spot him on Monday!

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