Saturday, 10 September 2016

Our First Week in Nursery!

We have had a great first week in nursery! We learnt about all of our new friends and showed them around our nursery, we got to paint pictures of ourselves thinking about where our eyes are and what colour hair we have! We experimented with flour and water and made our own play dough we even changed the colour! At the end of the week we learnt all about our school logo and went on a school logo hunt around our school and found 13 logos! We also discovered that lots of bugs live in our nursery garden and decided that we would like to learn more about bugs next week. On Friday night our nursery was taken over by bugs it looks like it's going to be a week full of insects and learning lots of interesting facts!


  1. Wow! It looks like you have had an amazing first week. I am delighted with how quickly everybody has settled in. Well done to all of the staff and children!

  2. Wow what a very busy week you have all had at nursery! How fantastic to see all of you deeply engaged in your learning from day 1 of the new school year! I wonder what you will find out about insects and bugs next week! I have missed all of you and I am still waiting for my baby to arrive!

  3. We had a really good first week in nursery, everybody happy and ready to learn. I can not wait to see how this year develops ! I'm sure there will be lots of adventures to be had by all.


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