Friday, 7 October 2016

"A real baby!?"

This week in nursery we were learning all about babies! We discovered some really interesting things and even got to meet a real life baby! Mrs underwood came to visit us with baby Bryn, we all thought he was sooooooo cute and he really inspired us to look after our babies in the nursery.

We were also really inspired to write this week, somebody magicked our names in the writing area! When we found out we couldn't wait to find our own names and see if we could copy them!

Next week we have decided we want to learn more about harvesting! This week Miss Brown told us a story she knew about a little red hen! We found it very catchy and have nearly learnt it all already! We even helped Miss Brown create our very own story map, we thought long and hard about the pictures we could use to remind ourselves how the story goes! Next week we will discover more about the little red hen and re tell our own versions!


  1. Bear Cubs Nursery, Ripley11 October 2016 at 09:19

    You all looked like you were being really kind to the babies. Rosie was very excited to see your pictures because her mummy is having a baby too! We've got babies too in our Nursery. We look after them.We have to play with them and keep them calm. We have to be quiet with them. We dress them and take them for a walk. We have lots of pushchairs in our Nursery just like you.

    Rory wants you to know that we have been learning about Space. Lyla brought a big box to Nursery that we have turned into a space rocket. And guess what? The babies in our Nursery have been to the moon in the rocket!!!

    We've had an idea. We are going to try and copy our names just like you because we want to know if any of you have the same name as us.

    Write back soon please!
    Love from
    Miss Shaw, Mrs Jowitt, Mrs Stone and all the Nursery Bear Cubs in Ripley, Derbyshire

  2. Afternoon Nursery Bear Cubs, Ripley11 October 2016 at 12:39

    Afternoon Bear Cubs at Nursery think you all look lovely in your beautiful clothes. We wear a uniform at our Nursery, but on a Friday we do lots of fitness like zumba and dough disco!

  3. Thank you so much for getting in touch with us! Ethan said thank you please for commenting on our blog. We really enjoyed finding out about what you have been doing in your nursery. We especially liked the sound of zumba! We really would love to see a video of this so we can have a try!!

    Love from,
    all the children at Eastfield academy nursery, Miss Brown, George, Dawn and Natalie. Hope to hear from you soon!


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