Saturday, 22 October 2016

"Let's call her Mrs scarecrow"

This week in nursery we learned more about harvesting! We decided we would like to learn about scarecrows, we read lots of stories all about scarecrows we especially enjoyed the scarecrows wedding! We even decided to make our very own scarecrow in nursery to keep the crows away from our vegetables we were selling In our farm shop!

We really enjoyed using our jotters this week we were inspired by our little red hen story map which kept popping up around our nursery!

We also enjoyed painting our own pumpkins, and even washing them! We loved mixing different colours and explored how to make pink and violet with our paints, we had lots of pretty pumpkins!

We did brilliantly in our harvest festival performance showing all of our grown ups the little red hen story we had worked so hard learning, Miss Brown, George, Dawn and Natalie were all soooo proud of us all!

I have loved learning and exploring with you all this term, I hope you have a lovely week and I'll look forward to next term! :)

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