Saturday, 26 November 2016

We come from all around the world!

This week at nursery we were learning about all around the world! Last week we all loved talking to our friends about where we come from and what languages we speak. This week we decided to learn a bit more about different countries, we explored different foods our favourite was the popadoms! We looked at our globe and guessed where we thought we were, we experimented with different arts. We had a good try at aboriginal where we used lots of dots, we made beautiful necklaces and even our own versions of the Eiffel Tower!

We made lots of hand prints to create our own friendship tree this was one of our favourite arts! We read Handas surprise it was a lovely book all about different fruits, the fruits got pinched by the cheeky animals along Handas trip we found this very funny.

It was also George's birthday this week! We had a big party for her with reception as well she was very kind and brought us all some special treats!

Next week we have decided we would like to learn more about dinosaurs!

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