Saturday, 12 November 2016

"Wow look at all the leaves"

This week in nursery we had lots of fun! We especially loved making inventions on the workshop we used lots of different coloured tape to make colourful bottles and boxes showing Miss Brown our great cutting skills! We also had a birthday tea party with reception for one of our nursery friends 4th birthday, she was ever so kind and brought us all cakes! We sang happy birthday and played some games!

We saw the caretaker sweeping up leaves on the playground and we thought it looked like fun! So we decided to be extra kind children and chose some tools (lots of brushes and dustpans) and went to help! We were so good at it I think we even had more muscles than our caretaker!

This week we've been enjoying reading about fairy tales in our book corner and discussing our favourite characters so next week we decided to learn all about the ginger bread man. However the ginger bread man is no where to be seen in nursery so on Monday it's time for a ginger bread man hunt! I wonder what clues he has left us!?

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