Friday, 27 January 2017

We're engineers!

This week in nursery we have had loads of fun building a giant marble run. We selected different resources to construct a course for the balls. We used guttering, stands and tubes and explored loads of different ways to explore the rolling balls. First we started off with racing the balls, some of us suggested we move the pipe higher to make the balls move faster, we tested this theory and it worked!

From this we were inspired, we did lots of jotting down and designing to make sure our course was how we wanted. Some of us wrote stories all about it! We then adapted our race to an obstacle course/giant marble run we used the pipes and carefully planned how to position them so that the ball would roll through the whole course. Some of us were brilliant and used the box and a tube to stop the balls bouncing away!

We have been engineers all week and explored different ways to construct and build with all of our brilliant ideas. I wonder how we will take this further this next week!?

Saturday, 21 January 2017

"It smells like flowers"

This week in nursery we've been experimenting! We loved exploring corn flour and mixing it together with different liquids like water and conditioner. We described what it felt like and what it smelt like and had so much fun squishing it all together. Half way through the week we discovered it was turning into playdough so we experimented adding material like flour or water to get the right texture that we wanted. Some of us came up with a brilliant idea to add colour!

We also really enjoyed writing this week especially on the white board. We were so clever at writing our names! We also were really interested in mixing paints this week and thinking about what colours we could make, we discovered that red and yellow make orange many of us then painted volcanos "that's what colour lava is."

We also explored the interactive white board we found a great new drawing programme and explored the different ways we could make marks on the big screen!

Saturday, 14 January 2017

"Why is it white?"

This week in nursery we had snow!! We were so excited! We asked lots of brilliant questions like why is it white? And how did it get here? We went straight out to explore it and built 2 snowmen! We realised that if we roll a small ball of snow around eventually it picks up lots more snow and creates a giant ball! After this we noticed that the sun was coming out, some of us were so clever and said that this meant the snow would melt. We were super clever when we told Miss brown that when snow melts it turns to water! Although we were a tiny bit disappointed to see it go.

We enjoyed being outside a lot this week we were finding new ways to create obstacle courses. Some of us made extra challenging ones where we had to concentrate really hard to balance and go up and down steps and slopes!

Saturday, 7 January 2017

Our first week back

 It was the first week back after Christmas and we were all so excited to be back at nursery! Before Christmas we read a book all about a little girl and three bears so this week we learned loads more all about this book! We impressed Miss brown with our story sequencing skills, we made up our own stories in the cottage, we explored painting bears and their fur with different tools, we had competitions on who could use their tweezers and pick up the most gummy bears out of the porridge and we especially loved sorting out the bears into small medium and big sizes.

At carpet time we felt like we knew they story so well we decided to listen to the sounds we could hear! We focused on Goldilocks as she was our favourite character most of us decided we could hear a 'g' sound so we all tried extra hard to see if we could then write the letter g we amazed all of the grown ups with what brilliant writers we all are.

We also met lots of new friends who will be starting nursery with us next week we loved meeting them all and didn't want them to leave! So now we're really excited for them to start on Monday!