Saturday, 7 January 2017

Our first week back

 It was the first week back after Christmas and we were all so excited to be back at nursery! Before Christmas we read a book all about a little girl and three bears so this week we learned loads more all about this book! We impressed Miss brown with our story sequencing skills, we made up our own stories in the cottage, we explored painting bears and their fur with different tools, we had competitions on who could use their tweezers and pick up the most gummy bears out of the porridge and we especially loved sorting out the bears into small medium and big sizes.

At carpet time we felt like we knew they story so well we decided to listen to the sounds we could hear! We focused on Goldilocks as she was our favourite character most of us decided we could hear a 'g' sound so we all tried extra hard to see if we could then write the letter g we amazed all of the grown ups with what brilliant writers we all are.

We also met lots of new friends who will be starting nursery with us next week we loved meeting them all and didn't want them to leave! So now we're really excited for them to start on Monday!

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