Friday, 27 January 2017

We're engineers!

This week in nursery we have had loads of fun building a giant marble run. We selected different resources to construct a course for the balls. We used guttering, stands and tubes and explored loads of different ways to explore the rolling balls. First we started off with racing the balls, some of us suggested we move the pipe higher to make the balls move faster, we tested this theory and it worked!

From this we were inspired, we did lots of jotting down and designing to make sure our course was how we wanted. Some of us wrote stories all about it! We then adapted our race to an obstacle course/giant marble run we used the pipes and carefully planned how to position them so that the ball would roll through the whole course. Some of us were brilliant and used the box and a tube to stop the balls bouncing away!

We have been engineers all week and explored different ways to construct and build with all of our brilliant ideas. I wonder how we will take this further this next week!?

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