Saturday, 4 February 2017

Careful designers

This week in nursery we enjoyed designing and creating our own dens! We located various resources and used them working together as a team to build amazing dens! We acted out our own different stories using the den as our homes, fire station and even a hairdressers. We also enjoyed creating our own obstacle courses using our clipboards to first think of ways we could arrange it before creating it.

We also explored the giant muddy puddle in our garden, we had lots of rain this week which was great for making soup with! We located jugs and shared the water we found out so that everyone could make their own recipe in the mud kitchen. We also had a visitor this week, a caterpillar that one of us found at home, we asked lots of questions and discovered they like to eat leaves and apples! We all thought it was too cold for him outside so one of us suggested putting him by the window with it open a little bit for some air!

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