Friday, 10 February 2017

Independent learners!

This week in nursery we have been learning so much! We were so inspired by the mixing bowls and recipe instructions in the role play that we decided we wanted to make our own cookies! We gathered some ingredients that we thought we would need and then used Miss Browns iPad to check that we had everything and follow some instructions. We were so good at measuring out our ingredients really carefully to make sure we had just the right amount.

We also enjoyed learning about the different tools we could used to make marks with, we used rolling pins, sponges, brushes, cotton buds and many more! We explored how the colour looked and how the tools worked on different surfaces, our favourite was the bubble wrap and listening to the pops!

Some of us showed our amazing reading skills this week and built up the confidence to read Miss Brown a whole book! We also did lots of clever story telling and made marks in our jotters to represent our words, all of our teachers then helped us to write our story down and showed us how our words could be made into stories, amazing!

We all hope everyone has a fantastic half term and can't wait to get started again after the holidays! Have a lovely week, keep us updated on tapestry to let us know what you are all getting up to ready to share with all of our friends when we return!

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