Friday, 24 February 2017

Super smart mathematicians

This week at nursery we were super mathematicians! We predicted which cars we thought would go the fastest, the bigger ones or the smaller ones. We then measured the distance our cars went using the metre sticks and our number lines! We used the number line to go back and check we were right like scientists do!

We also really enjoyed mark making, there's just something about big pieces of paper on the floor that we love! We told all of our teachers such wonderful stories with such wonderful pictures to match! From our stories we decided to turn our role play into an ice cream/ birthday shop! We've made a start on posters and prices and also a must have birthday cake. I wonder what brilliant ideas you all will come up with over the weekend for next week!?

We can't wait to get back to our learning on Monday I wonder what our super smart brains will teach Miss brown, George and Dawn next week!?

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