Friday, 17 March 2017

Independent writers

This week in nursery we've been super writers! We have made our marks in lots of different places. We especially enjoy writing on the carpet with big pieces of paper some of us made up stories and some of us drew our favourite animals. Some of us were really clever and attempted to write our own names! We got our wrists ready for writing by practising our cutting skills on the finger gym table, we cut out different shapes and named them! We also built our wrist muscles up by threading great necklaces!

This week we also really liked being outside, the sun came up and we spoke about it making us warm, it was so warm we decided we didn't need our coats one day! We also loved exploring the mud kitchen practising our cooking skills. We decided to leave some porridge out for the animals who come out in the dark! It was gone the next day! I wonder who ate it?

This week was also a sad week as It was Miss browns last full week with us until the end of June! Miss Brown is sad to leave but also very excited as she gets to have a whole new teaching experience with the older children in year 2! And of course she is coming back!!

Friday, 10 March 2017

Super learners!

This week in nursery we had loads of fun exploring lots of different learning! We used our super good finger skills to thread different sized beads onto our chosen pipe cleaners. We made lots of these decorations for our new tree in nursery! By the end of the week we even decorated our own mini trees! We also explored the hungry caterpillar story sack and used our clever maths skills to count out the different foods! Some of us explored different containers in the water tray pouring and filling them. Some of us even became the teacher this week! We were very good at reading stories and delivering music lessons to the group!

We also had a really yummy snack this week, we concentrated hard to cut and butter our own tea cakes! We were very good at knowing where everything is and using our own knowledge and skills to be independent, we remembered our manners asking politely to pass the butter and the plates.

It was also Dawns birthday this week! She was extra kind and brought us in all some yummy chocolate cake! We were all so thankful! We sang happy birthday and had a little party to celebrate! We also had a visit from some students from the university of Northampton, we were very welcoming and loved showing them around and having them in our nursery!

Friday, 3 March 2017

Our favourite books

This week in nursery we've had lots of fun! It was world book day!! We all dressed up as our favourite book characters, we spoke about all of our favourite books and interviewed the different characters, we found out their favourite colours, what book they're from and if they had any special powers!

We also had lots of fun outside this week we loved mark making with chalk on the pavement we drew our families and dinosaurs and even volcanos! After this we thought there was a volcano somewhere in the garden so we made some treasure maps and hunted around the garden to see if we could find it. We found a magical turtle! We decided he came from the roof where we thought the volcano was hiding! Whilst we were on our hunt a big jumbo jet kept flying over our nursery, we all tried to figure out where it was going. Most of us thought it was going to the beach! It circled our nursery for ages! So we got some chairs and made an audience!