Friday, 3 March 2017

Our favourite books

This week in nursery we've had lots of fun! It was world book day!! We all dressed up as our favourite book characters, we spoke about all of our favourite books and interviewed the different characters, we found out their favourite colours, what book they're from and if they had any special powers!

We also had lots of fun outside this week we loved mark making with chalk on the pavement we drew our families and dinosaurs and even volcanos! After this we thought there was a volcano somewhere in the garden so we made some treasure maps and hunted around the garden to see if we could find it. We found a magical turtle! We decided he came from the roof where we thought the volcano was hiding! Whilst we were on our hunt a big jumbo jet kept flying over our nursery, we all tried to figure out where it was going. Most of us thought it was going to the beach! It circled our nursery for ages! So we got some chairs and made an audience!

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