Friday, 10 March 2017

Super learners!

This week in nursery we had loads of fun exploring lots of different learning! We used our super good finger skills to thread different sized beads onto our chosen pipe cleaners. We made lots of these decorations for our new tree in nursery! By the end of the week we even decorated our own mini trees! We also explored the hungry caterpillar story sack and used our clever maths skills to count out the different foods! Some of us explored different containers in the water tray pouring and filling them. Some of us even became the teacher this week! We were very good at reading stories and delivering music lessons to the group!

We also had a really yummy snack this week, we concentrated hard to cut and butter our own tea cakes! We were very good at knowing where everything is and using our own knowledge and skills to be independent, we remembered our manners asking politely to pass the butter and the plates.

It was also Dawns birthday this week! She was extra kind and brought us in all some yummy chocolate cake! We were all so thankful! We sang happy birthday and had a little party to celebrate! We also had a visit from some students from the university of Northampton, we were very welcoming and loved showing them around and having them in our nursery!


  1. Dear Children,
    Thank you for allowing us to visit your lovely nursery. We couldn't believe how clever you all were. We thought you had done some beautiful work. My students are going to send you some posts about what they liked. I do hope that we can visit again. Gillian

  2. Thank you for allowing us to see your nursery. I really liked your role play area, especially the ice creams and ice lollies you have made.
    Thank you again, from Rebecca

  3. Courtney Jackson27 March 2017 at 08:53

    Thank you so much for welcoming us from University of Northampton into the school and nursery. I was very impressed by the lay out of the classroom in the nursery and thought it looked very welcoming. The children seemed to enjoy themselves in the nursery and there was many opportunities available to them to learn new things about the world. I especially liked your story corner as I thought it looked like a very cosy and safe place for the children to relax and listen to their favourite storybooks. Thank you again for having us!


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