Friday, 30 June 2017

"It's so squishy"

This week at nursery we explored lots of different things! We had decided to create a beach in our role play and thought that it needed some special sand! We made moon sand! It was soooo gooey at first when we mixed the oil with the flour but once we used our super strength to mould the mixture it turned into soft mouldable sand! We loved talking about the texture to our friends and using cups to mould shapes out of it.

Because we loved creating moon sand and feeling its texture, the next day we explored shaving foam. This had a very different texture to our moon sand and we enjoyed discussing this. We have also been very busy painting some twigs that we found in our garden, we have decided to hang them up outside so that everyone can admire them.

We have been preparing for sports day, practicing our running, hurdling, bean bag balancing and even running in grown ups wellies! Miss brown, George and Jodie found this so so funny and so did we! Even though some of the races got a bit tricky we didn't give up we kept on trying until we reached the end! We can't wait to show all of our grown ups how brilliant we are in our real sports day!