Friday, 8 September 2017

School Council minutes 8th September 2017

The school council met and began to get to know one another!
What a smart group!
We discussed working towards the Eco-Schools bronze award and our next Changemaker award.
We discussed how our school council meetings will run. We will upload minutes to this blog outlining our discussions and ending with questions for the rest of the school. Then in the class council meeting the school councillors will use the blog post minutes to share what we discussed. The answers that the rest of the class come up with will be written in the comments. This will form the basis for the next school council meeting.
We had a brief chat about ideas for events and fundraising.
Sebastian thought of a sponsored walk or laying change along a chalked out picture or word to raise money. Abdullah thought we could ask people to put money in buckets. We thought that we would like to help the local community and that we could try and help people who are isolated or lonely by inviting them into school or visiting them and singing songs to cheer them up.
What events would you like to see happen this year at Eastfield Academy?
Are you inspired to help us achieve our eco-schools award and Changemaker award?
Write your ideas in the comments below

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