Saturday, 23 September 2017

We're detectives!

This week in nursery we discovered a crime! Someone had broken into our schools library and broken one of our chairs! We discovered this crime when somebody sent us pictures of a girl with blonde hair in our school eating porridge and lying in our beds!! So we started an investigation! We gathered all the things we thought we needed, clipboards and paper, magnifying glasses and iPod touches to capture our evidence through photographs!

We discovered that it was Goldilocks! All the evidence we found including a lock of blonde hair, a blue bow and a broken chair led us to believe that it was her! We also did lots of mark making this week, we found all of our writing jotters and decided to do lots of writing on them, we also enjoyed exploring the silky pens and creating a group picture together!

We all put our clever thinking brains together again  this week and drew up a mind map to decide what our role play area should be next week. We decided pirates was a good idea and spent our Friday afternoon creating a new pirate ship role play!

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