Friday, 13 October 2017

Minutes 13th October

On achieving your Eco-Schools Bronze Award
Well done you did it! Hopefully the first 3 steps on your Eco-Schools journey to Green Flag have gone well; you now have an active Eco-Committee, Environmental Review, Action Plan for topic projects and probably much more!

We will now begin working towards our Silver award. During the evaluation of our bronze award we felt that not everyone in the school really understands recycling so we would like to plan a whole school assembly around the importance of recycling. We shall ask Mrs Hamilton when we could do this.
We will also look through come catalogues to create an order to improve the secret garden and the gated space along the wall.
During your class council meetings please:
Share what you already know about recycling.
Discuss what you would like in both of those spaces.
Please comment below.



  1. Tye suggested to paint the fence blue if the secret garden has grass it will look like summer. Alfie asked if we could paint the Eastfield Logo on the garage. Ollie suggested putting more chairs in the secret garden and make it like a picnic area.Simitha said we need a sign saying Secret garden so we know what it is. L'meece said that we need recycling bins outside in the playground. Michalina said one for fruit and one for rubbish. Deivids said we should paint the fence brighter colours and then the whole class suggested the colours of each of our houses.Evan said we could put the name of each house in each of the colours.

  2. would we be able to have mirror in the toilet.
    when will the next disco be.
    when is mufti day.
    can we have more clubs.
    can we have a bigger shelter.


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