Friday, 6 October 2017

School Council Minutes 6th October 2017

In today's school council meeting the children were presented with their school council badges which they are now wearing very proudly. This will help everybody know exactly who the school councilors are so you can share your thoughts and ideas with them to contribute towards our meetings further.

We then looked back over our Environmental review and looked at the comments that Year 3 had left. We agreed with their ideas so have decided to tackle the issue of electricity being wasted and improve the amount of recycling. We spoke to our caretaker Vic who was really helpful and supportive of our ideas. He has said that he has to read and record the meter readings on the 1st of every month and has asked some of the school councilors to support him with this so that we can keep a track on how much electricity is being used and see if the amount reduces following our campaign to reduce wasted electricity. He also said that we can have extra bins in the classroom so there will be one that is just for paper and cardboard so that this can be kept separately and be sent to be recycled instead of joining all the other rubbish on the landfill site. He also supported out idea of having a compost bin to collect the fruit peelings. We decided that we should trial this initially on the playground. Vic said that he will support the school councilors to empty the bins into the compost heap in the school garden on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. If this is successful we will look at having more opportunities to compost waste around the school. Thank you Vic for helping us to make a positive impact.
We completed the Changemaker application form and showed our agreement to the values by signing the form. This will be emailed to the University of Northampton and displayed on our school council noticeboard. We will shortly begin the application for our next award.
We then listened to some questions from each of the classrooms but would really like all questions and comments to be added at the bottom of our minutes so we can keep track of them all.
Please comment below with your thoughts and suggestions for how we can reduce the amount of electricity we use.


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