Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Finding our way to Forest School using our compasses

In Geography we have been learning about maps and directions. We used compasses to find our way to Forest School. The children used the language of North, South, East and West to describe what direction they were going in.

Comparing heights at Forest School

Some of the children were showing how strong they were by lifting the long branches. They began to compare the different heights to work out which was the 'tallest'. Hannah reminded the children that they all needed to have 'the branches on the floor so that it is fair'.

Confident climbers at Forest School

Martin began to climb and we were very impressed by his skills. Some of joined in climbing too. We made sure that we chose branches and trunks that were strong enough and wouldn't break!

Monday, 27 November 2017

Smelly cocktails at Forest School

We continued our learning about the senses following our science lesson. There were some very stinky mixtures!

Minutes 24th November

We were extremely busy in today's meeting creating posters telling our community to stop dropping rubbish! Year 1 and 2 school councilors were both horrified by the amount of litter which is along Broadmead Avenue. Our value of respect is something we would like everyone to have for our locality.
If anyone else would like to design a poster at home you can bring it in and hand it to your class councilor.
Can anybody else suggest how we can stop people from littering?
We also discussed the government's decision to remove the bill which protects animal rights and says that they have feelings. We need to speak up for the animals. What can we do to make the government realize that this is unacceptable?

Saturday, 25 November 2017

"Run run as fast as you can!"

This week in nursery we were learning all about the gingerbread man!! Last week we read the story and we couldn't get enough of it. This week we story mapped our story and learnt it all of by heart. We are very good at telling the story and get very excited when we sing "run run as fast as you can you can't catch me I'm the gingerbread man!" We did lots of learning including; creating our own felt gingerbread men, baking gingerbread men, painting a giant gingerbread man and doing gingerbread man puzzles!
 However when we baked our gingerbread man we noticed that one of them had gone missing!! The next day we discovered a note from the gingerbread man explaining that he had ran away and is hiding in our school somewhere. We suggested making picture so people know what he looks like we have worked hard creating posters. We still haven't found him yet though so keep your eyes peeled!

Friday, 17 November 2017

"£30 please!"

This week in nursery we had decided we wanted a hairdressing salon! So we created the salon all together and thought of lots of different bits that needed to go in there. We had so much fun styling the dolls hair and using bobbles, head bands, rollers and hairdryers. We were very particular about our prices, it was £30 for a trim! We were very posh. We also had a few sneaky customers who left without paying so decided to put our prices even higher!

 We also really enjoyed when reception came over to do their phonics this week, we enjoyed listening to their lesson on the carpet. Some of us decided to join in and sit with them! We even attempted to write the sounds in our jotters copying reception! We had two birthdays this week and we were very lucky as they were very kind children and bought in cake and chocolates yummy!

This week we started to learn the gingerbread man story so for next week we decided to turn role play into the gingerbread mans bakery! We used our clever thinking skills to come up with different ideas for our role play and spent the morning helping our teachers bring our vision to life! We can't wait to get in there on Monday!

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Minutes 14th November 2017

Minutes 14th November 2017
It went well greeting the visitors we felt that we made them very welcome. Year 5 wanted maths to be before break and english after. We all wanted posters for different things (only important notices). We also suggested to have a goodie raffle where we pick any goodies. Year 5 wants to run a golden mile for about 5 minutes. Jamie wants a plant entertainment area where children can have fun watering the plants. We might be able to plant poppies for Remembrance Day and we can put a protective fence to protect the plants from being destroyed. We might be able to hold a football charity club to help children in need around the world. We obviously need cameras for wasting water in the toilets (would this be cost effective?). We need to stop dropping litter all over the school and all over the community. When are we going to have a talent show? We always need to switch the lights off when we leave the class.
Next week we shall create posters to put up in our community to tell everyone to stop dropping litter.
If you would like to make a poster you can just give it to one of the school councillors before next week.

Minutes taken by Abdullah


Friday, 3 November 2017

Minutes 3rd November 2017

Today we discussed what we can do to make visitors feel really welcome when they look around our school. We decided that when the Head boy and Head girl conduct their tour we will be the ones to greet them when they come into our classroom. One of us will say "Welcome to Year ... we are learning about ...." the second school council will share our school motto and ask if they would like to hear a poem.

We found out that we are leading the assembly on Friday 8th December where we shall develop the schools understanding of recycling.

We discussed improvements to the secret garden and the gated strip area next to the school. We looked in catalogues to give us ideas about what we could put in that space. We are thinking to have the secret garden as a story area and the strip to have planters or sculptures.  We will ask the Friends of Eastfield if they have funds for us to purchase some things.

Seynab asked if we could raise money for poor children. We saw that Save the Children are holding a 'Christmas Jumper day' ours will be in Wednesday 20th December. Where everyone can pay a donation to wear a fun sweater.

Do you have any ideas for the secret garden?
Could anyone make a sculpture for the strip area?
Are you looking forward to the Christmas Jumper day?

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