Friday, 17 November 2017

"£30 please!"

This week in nursery we had decided we wanted a hairdressing salon! So we created the salon all together and thought of lots of different bits that needed to go in there. We had so much fun styling the dolls hair and using bobbles, head bands, rollers and hairdryers. We were very particular about our prices, it was £30 for a trim! We were very posh. We also had a few sneaky customers who left without paying so decided to put our prices even higher!

 We also really enjoyed when reception came over to do their phonics this week, we enjoyed listening to their lesson on the carpet. Some of us decided to join in and sit with them! We even attempted to write the sounds in our jotters copying reception! We had two birthdays this week and we were very lucky as they were very kind children and bought in cake and chocolates yummy!

This week we started to learn the gingerbread man story so for next week we decided to turn role play into the gingerbread mans bakery! We used our clever thinking skills to come up with different ideas for our role play and spent the morning helping our teachers bring our vision to life! We can't wait to get in there on Monday!

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