Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Minutes 14th November 2017

Minutes 14th November 2017
It went well greeting the visitors we felt that we made them very welcome. Year 5 wanted maths to be before break and english after. We all wanted posters for different things (only important notices). We also suggested to have a goodie raffle where we pick any goodies. Year 5 wants to run a golden mile for about 5 minutes. Jamie wants a plant entertainment area where children can have fun watering the plants. We might be able to plant poppies for Remembrance Day and we can put a protective fence to protect the plants from being destroyed. We might be able to hold a football charity club to help children in need around the world. We obviously need cameras for wasting water in the toilets (would this be cost effective?). We need to stop dropping litter all over the school and all over the community. When are we going to have a talent show? We always need to switch the lights off when we leave the class.
Next week we shall create posters to put up in our community to tell everyone to stop dropping litter.
If you would like to make a poster you can just give it to one of the school councillors before next week.

Minutes taken by Abdullah


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