Friday, 1 December 2017

Exciting Exploring

This week in nursery we had lots of fun exploring different ways to make marks. We were really interested in the magnetic letters and we spent a long time matching letters to sounds we knew! We also explored our community this week. We were discussing with our friends where we lived and whether we lived in a flat or a house. From this we explored our community to see the different things we could see and hear around our school.
We have also been practicing for our nativity this week. We are all brilliant at our songs and know nearly all of them! We sang them merrily ad we all worked as a team putting our Christmas tree up. We spoke about how some families do not celebrate Christmas and what other traditions there are. Some children suggested that it is still ok to join in with other people celebrations. We liked this idea.

We also worked hard as a team setting up a Santa's workshop in the role play. We sourced different resources such as tinsel and wrapping paper to put inside our workshop. We spoke about what work would be happening in the work shop and got excited about presents. We can't wait to come in on Monday and see what you all can create in the workshop!

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