Friday, 15 December 2017

"When it gets very cold it turns to icy"

This week in nursery we had lots of fun exploring different concepts around winter! We were especially excited about real snow! The week before we had frozen our dinosaurs outside when the weather got very cold so we knew what happened and how it happened when it snowed! We spoke about how when it is very cold water turns to ice. we also discovered that when we pick snow up because of our warm hands it melts and turns back into water!
We also had our nativity! It has been a very busy week! We were so excited to show our grown ups all of our hard work this term we shone like the stars we are!

We also had lots of fun designing our own Christmas trees using different resources such as buttons, tinsel and beads. We made our trees unique and were very proud of them.
Throughout the week our parents had been very kind and donated some food for our Christmas party. We had so much to share! We enjoyed sitting around the big table with reception sharing good manners and discussing our favourite foods.
We also had winter craft morning where we made lots of different crafts with our grown us. We made; snowmen, play dough, reindeer food, marshmallow snowmen, chocolate reindeer, snowflakes, wreaths and new year cards! it was a fantastic morning filled with fun! Thank you for everyone who came along to join in with us!

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