Friday, 5 January 2018

Oh no George!

This week in nursery we were all super excited to come back after our winter break! We all settled back into our routines brilliantly. We even welcomed some new children who came and played with their grown ups. We showed them where to put their coats, where the toilets were and where we eat our snack. Miss Brown was very proud of how helpful we all were. 

We had lots of fun mixing colours on our workshop this week and we explored what colours made what colour when mixed together. We discovered that yellow and blue mixed together makes green, pink and blue mixed together makes purple and yellow and red makes orange! This amazed us and we spent ages mixing and creating pictures!

We read a book this week all about a pet dog called George, we decided we would like our role play to be a vets. We worked hard with our teachers to create our vision. We learnt all about pets, what kind of animals we could have as pets, how we might look after them and shared all about our own pets. We were so engaged learning about pets that we are carrying on next week and we even have a real pet coming in to visit us!! I wonder what kind of pet it will be?! 

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