Friday, 26 January 2018

Jack and the Beanstalk!

This week in nursery we were reading Jack and the Beanstalk! On Monday we found some magic beans and spoke about where they came from. Some of us thought they were from the fairy who lives in our nursery and some of us thought they had been delivered by magic max (our nursery mascot). Once we read the story it made sense they had come from a mysterious man! We liked this word and spoke about what it meant. We then decided to plant our magic beans outside in the garden to see what would happen! 

The next day a gigantic beanstalk had grown in our garden! We spent most of the morning acting out the story and taking it in turns to be the giant! 

It rained loads on Wednesday morning! We couldn't wait to get out there and experiment in the puddles. We added soap and had lots of discussions about what would happen next! This inspired us to do some writing in our jotters where we drew pictures of the rain and wrote about our predictions. 
We also explored lots of different beans this week, we used runner beans to measure and enjoyed ordering them in smallest to tallest. We also enjoyed counting them out into different bowels between us using our fine motor skills. 

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