Friday, 19 January 2018

We are performers!

This week in nursery we welcomed some more new children! We got them straight down to business with a new mission to build a stage indoors! We decided that we needed somewhere to perform our songs, dances and stories. We gathered a team together and used lots of blocks from outside to create a stage! One of us then suggested we needed chairs for our audience! We took it in turns to perform our songs, dances and stories, we were great performers and showed how confident we all are in our environment! 

 We also discovered a large dressing up box in our shed this week. We took it into our classroom and explored it further. We discovered loads of different outfits and had hours of fun dressing up and acting as these characters. We then extended this to use our new stage. 

We were very engaged in a story we read this week called 'the three little pigs' We learnt the story off by heart with great expression. some of us acted this out in the garden using our Wendy house as the little pigs houses. We huffed and we puffed until the house came tumbling down! On Friday afternoon we discovered some magic beans hidden in our nursery, i wonder what learning they will lead onto next week... 

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