Saturday, 24 February 2018

Budding actors and actresses

This week in nursery we have been very busy! The first thing we wanted to do when we came back was read our favourite stories, we were so engaged in the stories we read before the holidays. We wanted to show Tasha, Cheryl and Miss Brown everything we could remember! We told everyone our jack and the beanstalk story that we had been practicing over the half term, some of us even drew out our story map at home! We also recited all of our nursery rhymes that we had been learning and couldn't wait to hear what a new rhyme for the week was! 
We also had lots of fun this week measuring distance, we used some guttering and ramps to create our own racing car races. We then used pieces of paper and measuring tapes to measure how far our cars went and whose went the fastest! 
After this we realised that we had a new block play shelf! We spent the whole week creating different models with the blocks. We especially enjoyed acting out the three little pigs story with the blocks, building our houses and the big bad wolf blowing them down! Mrs Underwood had been speaking to us about helicopter stories which we are going to have a go at next week which is all about acting out our stories so it looks like we will love it!!  

Friday, 9 February 2018

Story innovators

This week in nursery we enjoyed using our amazing scissor skills by cutting up our play doh! We decided that we didn't have enough play-doh to create the things we wanted so we went on a hunt for the ingredients we needed! We used the ipad to search for a good recipe and then found flour, salt, water and food colouring! We took it in turned to add the right measures and then mixed it all together! We were so happy with what we made! 

We also enjoyed painting cling film this week we used different colours and explored the different texture of painting on cling film compared to paper. we decided that cling film was a bit stickier!

We also spent a lot of time in the book corner this week independently where we shared books with friends and invented our own stories and rhymes. We very much enjoyed innovating little miss Muffet! 

Have a lovely half term, I can't wait to see what other stories you make up over the holidays! 

Saturday, 3 February 2018

We direct our own learning!

This week in nursery we have been really busy outside. We created obstacle courses and gave our friends instructions on how to complete them. We found new ways to climb on our climbing frame. We used chalks to mark make on the ground together. We found new uses for tyres! Including rolling, jumping on, building with and securing things down with them! We used our tweezers to collect gems and beans from the soil and counted them out into pots. before cooking them into mud pies!

We also decided to create a stage outside where we can tell out stories, sing songs and dance! We loved being involved in the creating process and enjoyed performing even more! We are brilliant at telling our jack and the beanstalk story and are experts with our story language so we loved the opportunity to show this off more!

We have had tonnes of fun at nursery this week following our own interests and directing our own learning! We are becoming fantastic independent learners with a huge love for learning and growing confidence! 

Friday, 2 February 2018

minutes 2nd febuary friday 2018

In the this school council meeting we have written to Kath Middleditch about are world book day and our book vouchers what we will give to each child for them to spend. The remainder books will be sold at the end of the day, and that money we will raise will go to book aid international. We shall send out a letter shortly.
We also discussed plans for our outdoor theatre which will be in the 'old secret garden'. The school councilors have created a box full of props ready for when it is spring and it is no longer muddy in there. (W e wouldn't want the props to get ruined!)
Written by Saud Year 6