Saturday, 24 February 2018

Budding actors and actresses

This week in nursery we have been very busy! The first thing we wanted to do when we came back was read our favourite stories, we were so engaged in the stories we read before the holidays. We wanted to show Tasha, Cheryl and Miss Brown everything we could remember! We told everyone our jack and the beanstalk story that we had been practicing over the half term, some of us even drew out our story map at home! We also recited all of our nursery rhymes that we had been learning and couldn't wait to hear what a new rhyme for the week was! 
We also had lots of fun this week measuring distance, we used some guttering and ramps to create our own racing car races. We then used pieces of paper and measuring tapes to measure how far our cars went and whose went the fastest! 
After this we realised that we had a new block play shelf! We spent the whole week creating different models with the blocks. We especially enjoyed acting out the three little pigs story with the blocks, building our houses and the big bad wolf blowing them down! Mrs Underwood had been speaking to us about helicopter stories which we are going to have a go at next week which is all about acting out our stories so it looks like we will love it!!  

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