Saturday, 3 February 2018

We direct our own learning!

This week in nursery we have been really busy outside. We created obstacle courses and gave our friends instructions on how to complete them. We found new ways to climb on our climbing frame. We used chalks to mark make on the ground together. We found new uses for tyres! Including rolling, jumping on, building with and securing things down with them! We used our tweezers to collect gems and beans from the soil and counted them out into pots. before cooking them into mud pies!

We also decided to create a stage outside where we can tell out stories, sing songs and dance! We loved being involved in the creating process and enjoyed performing even more! We are brilliant at telling our jack and the beanstalk story and are experts with our story language so we loved the opportunity to show this off more!

We have had tonnes of fun at nursery this week following our own interests and directing our own learning! We are becoming fantastic independent learners with a huge love for learning and growing confidence! 

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