Friday, 30 March 2018

Bill the crazy bee keeper!

This week in nursery we had a crazy bee keeper called Bill burst in and tell us he lost all of his bees!! Nursery could not believe their eyes! We helped Bill search our entire nursery to find all of his bees. We eventually found all of them but wanted to know why Bill had lost them in the first place!? Bill told us a story all about the sleepy bumble bee. We decided that the bees had flew away because they just couldn't sleep! After this we were inspired! We wanted to write notes to Bill to ask him question and give him advice on how to look after his bees! We then looked up bees on the big screen and used our observations to create our own representations. 

We transferred all of our bee learning into our play where we pretending to buzz around like bumble bees and hunt for them outside in the garden. We cannot wait to discover more about bees when we return after the holidays! 

We also had fun making Easter cakes this week! We watched our teachers model how to make the cakes first before going off and trying independently! We followed our instructions well and supported each other. Of course we had to test our creations along way to make sure they tasted great!

On Friday a very kind parent gave us a guitar! It was the best thing ever! We loved exploring all the different sounds we could create with our guitar and we spent all morning making a stage and somewhere for our audience to sit before performing our own songs. We especially loved performing our new bee nursery rhyme that we learned this week! 

Have a beeutiful Easter break!! 

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