Friday, 23 March 2018

The sleepy bumblebee!

On Monday morning we had such a surprise when we arrived at school to find Mrs Mackenzie fast asleep! We were very quiet so we would not wake her. We predicted what had caused her to have such a bad sleep. Some children thought it was because some owls were hooting outside of her window. Stef thought it might be because there was a party next door and they were playing loud music and popping balloons. Rose suggested that it could have been 'wild winds howling' such wonderful description. We woke her up and she read us the story 'Peace at Last' all about a daddy bear who couldn't get any sleep!
Later that day we found two bees that had escaped! We wrote the beekeeper a letter to come and collect them...
Bill the beekeeper turned up and told us the story about 'The Sleepy Bumblebee'
We are finding out all about bees! We discovered that bees create honeycomb in the shape of Hexagons! We found out about other sorts of shapes including pentagons and decagons!
We explored the book 'Snail Trail' where the snail takes us on a journey around different pieces of contemporary art. This promoted a fantastic discussion! We challenged ourselves to create a piece of artwork just like Henri Matisse's 'The Snail'.
We shall continue our learning around 'The Sleepy Bumblebee' next week where we shall write our own poem about a bee and create a piece of artwork of a bee in the style of Matisse, we shall continue to learn about 2d and 3d shapes and much more!

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