Friday, 16 March 2018

Is it a real hamster!?

This week in nursery we gained a pet hamster (a fluffy bobble that fell of off someones hat!) We were amazed by this little creature and showed great empathy straight away. Some of us worried that she was cold or hungry, so we decided to build her a bed. We located a basket and decorated a box as a team. We then found her a cup of water and some toys to play with. After this we couldn't decide whether it was a pet girl or boy so we had a vote! We voted fairly using our tally charts and concluded it was a girl! We then brainstormed different name choices and we will pull one out of a hat next week to choose a name for our new pet! 

We also made jelly this week, some of us had observed that our legs felt like jelly after running or spending a long time on our bikes. We started to do a wibble wobble jelly dance. This got a few of us talking about how jelly is made and we had a debate over whether jelly needed cooking. We soon solved our debate by making our own jelly and following the instructions on the packet!

We also showed a lot of interest in space and aliens this week, discussing our alien pictures and describing our buildings as space ships! Some of us even made rockets out of the junk modelling. i cannot wait to see what more you want to learn about space next week! 

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