Friday, 27 April 2018

The magic of innovation

This week in nursery we have been innovating our sleepy bumblebee stories to make them our own! We have had lots of creative ideas! We have told them to our friends in our story telling house outside in the garden, we have drawn and wrote out our own story maps and we have performed them in character on our stage and puppet theater. All of our opportunities throughout the week helped us to further innovate and explore our story further! 

On Thursday it was really windy, we found a piece of cellophane and discovered it flew in the wind! We then located more so all of our friends could join in. We had hours of fun watching our pieces fly up and down and trying to catch them! our caretaker also kindly offered to help us build some new fences for our role play. He came over with a drill and a hammer, we were fascinated!! He let us have a go and we were so proud of our accomplishment!  

We had lots of fun performing our weekly nursery rhyme, this was one of Miss Browns favourtie rhymes we've learned so far!

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