Friday, 20 April 2018

The sleepy bumble bee!

We have been so so busy in our first week back at nursery! On Monday we went for a learning walk, before the holidays we met Bill the crazy bee keeper who introduced us to our new T4W story 'the sleepy bumble bee' We had remembered this after our long two weeks off! We went on a hunt around our school for the different places our bumble bee was trying to sleep in our story. We found a hive, daffodils, a pond and a tall willow tree! When we arrived at the willow tree we discovered a pit of honey!! It was from Bill! He ad promised us some honey from the bees he looks after. We were super excited and rushed back to nursery to try some on a cracker! We loved it so much we asked for more!!  

 We have been so engaged in lots of bee related learning this week we just couldn't wait to discover more! We have created our own bees and made a hive for them to nest in. We also created out own representations of bees using clay and lots of loose parts. Miss Brown loved how they were all so different and unique! We mixed honey with cornflakes to make yummy cakes and we counted out bees to match quantity to the correct numeral on a flower!  

 After all this explore we were really keen to record our stories onto paper and in our jotter. Some of us sat for ages designing our own story maps of the sleepy bumble bee.

This week we also became gymnasts and risk takers. We showed off our gymnastic skills in the classroom bringing in a gym mat from the big hall and practicing forward rolls and cartwheels. We then took this outside where we used it as a crash mat for a soft landing sliding down the slope!
I can't wait to innovate our story next week and see what different characters we come up with!

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