Friday, 11 May 2018

Outside is the best place to be

This week we spent a lot of time outside at nursery. We enjoyed singing our nursery rhymes in the sun and making up our own jingles in our boat on the way to the sea side! We also discovered lots of mini beasts who were hiding under our mud kitchen chairs. We discussed why they were under there and the different sizes and species we had found. We also spoke about the importance of being gentle and kind to all living things. 

We also enjoyed climbing this week where we discovered how to hand upside down, we even showed Miss Brown how to do it! We had lots of fun exploring the sun and what it could do, first we explored shadows where we traced around different animals shadows! Next we poured water onto the ground and drew around it, after a few minutes of playing we returned to find out it was gone! This sparked lots of questions and predictions about what had happened to our water! 

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