Saturday, 5 May 2018

What is a baby frog called?

This week in nursery one of us put a picture on tapestry of herself holding a bearded dragon! We all had a look together and spoke about our thoughts. Some of us said it looked like a spiky frog! This lead us onto the topic of what is a baby frog called? We searched on the world wide web together and found out that they were called tadpoles. Luckily reception had real life tadpoles next door so we went over to explore!! We asked lots of questions such as, "how do they swim?" and "where are their legs?" Some of us noticed that they don't really look like frogs at all! 

 After this we were so excited by what we had discovered we couldn't wait to get it recorded in our jotters. Some us drew the tadpoles, some of us drew the bearded dragon and some of us wrote stories all about this experience! After this we watched the life cycle of a frog and by the end of the day we were all frog experts! 
 We also had lots of fun this week exploring loose parts and creating our own faces and designs. When one of us discovered that the circles fitted onto the sticks we had we all just had to try it out for ourselves! We made ice lollies, drinks, light bulbs and lots more. This created lots of opportunity for talking to our friends and teachers. 
We found our parachute in the shed! So we decided to take it out onto the big play ground and play lots of games with it, we made a giant mushroom! Played the swap names game and the Mexican wave! 

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