Friday, 15 June 2018

"Penguins will melt in the sun"

This week in nursery we enjoyed practice our races ready for sports day! We loved hurdling the most and we were very good at it! We also enjoyed lots of mark making outside this week, we used chalk to draw out our own hop scotch and we impressed miss brown with our fantastic number formation. 

We learned a new story this week called penguin on holiday! We explored where penguins live on the world wide web, we decided it looked very cold! After reading the story penguin wrote us a letter, he wanted us to experience his holiday so left us ice cream in our freezer! We all sat and ate our ice cream together, we were very thankful to penguin. After this penguin also sent us some more places to search on the world wide web. We saw where crab lived in sunny Spain, we looked at our own home in England and we named a few other countries we new. In the garden we thought that penguin looked a bit like a black bird so we decided to build him a home. We used the old grass cuttings to make a lovely cosy nest for him. 

We are excited to learn more of our story next week and make our very own ice cream!! 

Friday, 8 June 2018

Welcome to our beach!!

This week in nursery we have been getting excited about holidays! We decided to change our role play to a beach! We had lots of great ideas, including putting a sand tray in there, having shells and some water! We all helped miss Brown to find the resources and make it our own! 
After this we loved role playing and acting an ice cream shop, so we decided to make our own ice creams to sell. We got very busy on the workshop using paper, pencils and tissue paper to craft our own ice creams with any flavour we liked!!! 

 We also decided that our water needed some fish so we spent some time collaging fish on the workshop to to add to our role play. One day we discovered more dressing up in our shed so asked to put this in the role play to because princesses go to the beach as well! So we added this, even the grown ups joined in being different characters to visit our ice cream shop!